The Logo

Sancheti Hospital

In keeping abreast with global advancements in medical methods, we have continued to evolve in terms of our capabilities and areas of expertise.
Our strong foundation, culture and self-belief are largely responsible for our ability to embrace change and power growth


The stylized ‘S’ depicts the natural curves of a healthy human figure. At the lower left of the S can be seen a portion of the ‘plus’ symbol.
This illustrates the support Sancheti hospital provides its patients with, so they can attain and maintain the freedom of movement they deserve.
The square red dot over the letter ‘i’ emphasises Sancheti hospital’s commitment to ensure healthy movement throughout life.

Tagline Explanation

‘Movement is life’- It is unarguable that without movement the quality of life is seriously compromised.
The tagline articulates the philosophy behind the logo in a manner that is simple and universally understood.