Keeping a check on Hip pain

Feeling of pain or discomfort around the hip is always associated with backache, abdominal pain and sometimes also because of hip itself. Everything depends on a correct diagnosis and managing the pain thereafter. The pain about the hip can be due to back symptoms or abdominal problems like hernia and sometimes due to urinary tract infection also.

After having gone through a tedious walking day, the same day or next day one may experience tightness and discomfort around the hip. This is commonly seen from behind as the gluteus muscle is anti gravity muscle which has been working more than routine a day before. The modern habit of sitting more and walking less is the precursor for imbalance in the hip musculature.

The anterior portion of the hip gets contracted while the posterior glutei remains weak. This is classically seen after a prolonged sitting. Most of us would stoop forward and take some time for straightening out, experiencing a stretch on the anterior portion of the hip joint.

Simple problems of the hip joint like this can be easily corrected by undertaking a joint stretching and body flexible exercises as Yoga or specific exercises if the discomfort is more. Swimming is an excellent exercise which uploads the hip joint and helps in strengthening the muscles around the hip to give an excellent posture. Slow paced jogging and walking are also good starter for people who have neglected exercises for a long period.

However, before any of these can be tried, a proper diagnosis and your requirement from your hip should be evaluated by your specialist. This way one can determine which will be the best way in which you can go about your daily activities and hobbies without creating discomfort about your hip.

The other joints like that of knee and foot also play a large role in weight distribution about your hip and a faulty footwear with a bad gait pattern can be the cause of a nagging hip discomfort which will be easily corrected by proper footwear.

So, to take care of your hip by daily exercises and taking advice from an expert at the earliest is always suggested in case of hip pain.


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