Orthopedics & Physiotherapy

Digital X-Ray

Sancheti Clinic is equipped to immediately process and digitally transfer and enhance the X-ray imagery efficiently, efficiently bypassing chemical processing entirely.

Pathology Centre

The fully equipped pathology desk at Sancheti Clinic offers specialised laboratory services, including collection of blood and body fluids to visiting patients, to determine the cause and nature of pain and ailments.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center

The physiotherapy experts at Sancheti Clinic are proficient to provide therapy to a cross-section of patients with varying disabilities. Our team of experts work towards the treatment and rehabilitation of varied musculoskeletal conditions and are committed to the cause of providing relief from pain.

Obesity / Weight Reduction and Nutrition

The experts at Sancheti Clinic are extensively trained to help patients lose and manage their weight successfully. This includes aiding patients to set realistic weight-loss goals and making key lifestyle and dietary changes in addition to providing them with healthy eating plans that ensure nourishment.

Wellness Center

At Sancheti Clinic, we ensure complete relaxation and therapy for body and mind. Our team of professionals and life-coaches provide patients a variety of services that include assessing the physical and psychological needs of patients and promoting a health lifestyle.