Blood Donation Day

“Blood Donation Day”

World Blood Donor Day is one of the eight official public health campaigns organized by World Health Organization (WHO). WHO organizes this event every year since 2004.

Do you know that blood donation by 1 % of the population can meet nation’s most basic requirement for blood? And 62 countries collect 100% of their blood supply by voluntary blood donations.

In developing countries like India where population is continuously increasing and road accidents and other health problems are major issues, availability of sufficient blood or blood products in health organization is must.

But there isn’t a good response to the blood donation campaigns. Or people are not aware of the fact mentioned above that blood donation of 1% of their population is enough to fulfill the requirement.

Actually blood transfusion can not only saves someone’s life but also increases the health. In urban as well as in rural areas transfusion blood is really essential.

So when there are blood donation programs in your city or near place people should response to that tremendously, they should take part in such campaigns joyfully knowing that they are actually saving someone’s life and improving their self’s.

An adequate supply of safe blood can be assured by a stable base of regular, voluntary and free donation of blood.




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