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Daniel Smith

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Anil Sharma

I personally thank Dr. Parag Sancheti for curing my wife,  putting an end to the pain in her left leg. Apart from professional sancheti offers amazing hospitality.

All the doctors, administrative staff and every human resource of your institute are very much co-operative

God can’t be everywhere, so he comes down in the form of doctors and looks after his sheep.


Kavi Uppal

I could not walk as i was suffering from the knee pain. After months of treatment from our family orthopaedician i heard about INDUS knees from one of my friends in pune. I traveled from Rajasthan to Pune in hope of getting rid of the severe pain. Sancheti Hospital, in turn, did not disappoint me and healed me to perfection. I heartly thank Sancheti Hospital. Personally I am very much thankful to Dr. Shailesh Hadgaonkar, Dr. Vivek and all his assistant doctors. After all this is the result of a team work. Thanks for tremendous treatment and patient support


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Rudra Katkar

The MRI scanning and the doctors’ reports and treatment in many renowned hospitals could not heal my son. Then I was informed about Sancheti hospital by my boss. After 3 days of admitting him in sancheti hospital, he has forgotten the pains which he had from for the last one year. He absolutely feels fine now. Moreover the nursing staff always made us feel like home away from home. Thank you Team Sancheti