Our ankle is an essential structure of the human body that allow our feet to move so that we may run and walk smoothly. Ankle and foot may seem like simple structures, but they perform complex funtion which enables us to run, jump, and get around with ease.They both work in harmony to keep us going.
Foot impairments continue to be an important `issue’.Ankle and foot are the most overlooked joint and there are many repurcussions due to abnormal biomechanics of ankle and foot.To make the problem solving related to ankle and foot a little easier Sancheti Healthcare Academy took a step forward by organising a workshop on Foot and Ankle Biomechanics on 14th April 2017 under the lead of Dr Vishakha Patil.The workshop started with a crisp introduction of Mr Simon Dickinson,Clinical Director,TalarMade,U.K by Dr Priya Sahasrabuddhe and Mr Rishi Kapur,CEO of VPK enterprises.The topics covered in the workshop were as follows-
1. Foot and ankle biomechanics
2. Normal and functional anatomy
3. Clinical examination and essential clinical tests
4. Foot orthosis design and selection
5. Orthotic management of commonly occuring foot and ankle problems
The workshop also covered hands-on of foot and ankle assessment including type of foot, talar alignment, subtalar joint axis, arch correction and tibialis posterior examination.Participants were felicitated by Simon Dickinson himself.The workshop provided a new viewpoint to look at ankle and foot conditions and it was found to be successful in attaining its objectives. The workshop was concluded by thanking Mr Rishi kapur and Mr Alok Rathi for their constant support and making this workshop happen.

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